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strange days indeed

Posted in India, photos, things that make you say "whaaa?" by Nancy on January 18, 2010

Just got back from dinner at Aunty’s. Without Aunty. Her husband served up some respectable grub, though, decked out in his white dhoti. Even offered us chai, which I wasn’t expecting. But Aunty uses more butter on her chapatis. I do hope she’s back tomorrow.

On the way home, D spotted a monkey on a rooftop and I made the mad scramble for my camera. The monkey hopped down onto a ledge then onto a parked car and sauntered across the street and up onto another roof, where he briefly molested another monkey that was already there, then sat down, opened a package of cookies and ate them. He didn’t seem too interested in sharing his cookies with the monkey he molested either. Real nice, there, Curious George.

"Who is this white man and why is he all up in my frame?"

A little girl and her mom were watching the whole scene with us and seemed as enthralled as we were… nice to know the monkeys freak out the locals, too. Of course, once I showed the little girl the picture of the monkey, she had to have one taken of herself. Monkey shenanigans be damned!

A block later, as we approached the bungalows where we’re staying, a man with a crazy look in his eye and a Frankenstein-esque lope stopped us in the street and asked if we “want some flat?” I thought this must be some kind of Indian hallucinogen and he must be on it. But D surmised that he was asking if we needed “a” flat. Just roaming the streets, looking for tenants, like ya do. And we thought all the crazies were on craigslist.


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  1. Lora Glazer said, on January 19, 2010 at 6:50 am

    How Cool To Have Little Monkeys Everywhere, I’ve Seen That On TV…Some Times They Get Dozens!!! I Wonder If They Ever Jump On People…let Me Know=D x

  2. Nancy said, on January 19, 2010 at 7:19 am

    Yeah, we saw a guy on the street with monkeys on leashes crawling all over him! I think they were his pickpocket team. D says they can be nasty biters, too.

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