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let your freak flag fly

Posted in being human, India, photos, things that make you say "whaaa?" by Nancy on January 22, 2010

Ran into our first hijras today.  Hijras are Indian drag queens (sometimes actual trannies) who beg for change and, to those who pony up, dispense good luck. Which—according to Anthony Bourdain—is really just the absence of the bad luck they would otherwise curse you with for holding out on them. But our hijras seemed more concerned with being fabulous than dishing out curses. They could totally hold their own in West Hollywood. Two snaps up!

4 out of 5 trannies agree downtown Lakshmipuram is where it’s at. The place is positively teeming with freaks. It’s also where we saw the monkey boy a week or so ago. He looked like a feral Edward Scissorhands and had monkeys on leashes climbing all over him… trained pickpockets, no doubt, with the manual dexterity of fuzzy little surgeons.

And so it goes in Mysore. Acrobatics (yoga asana) at dawn. Drag queens in the morning. Monkey boys in the afternoon. This must be what it’s like to run away with the circus.

* * *

These are some free range monkeys that live in a vacant lot on our way to Iyengar’s and Aunty’s. We saw a few of them popping in and out of an apparently occupied second floor apartment window yesterday… probably stealing anything not nailed down that they could get their opposible thumbs and prehensile tails around. Best. Second-story men. Ever.


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