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the weekend that was

Posted in India, simple pleasures, yoga by Nancy on January 25, 2010

Friday 4:30am: Still sleeping. For a change. Iyengar added another time slot (7am) a few days ago to accommodate the influx of students, so we decided to try the later class thinking it wouldn’t be as crowded since most people didn’t seem to know about it yet. (It was only a slightly smaller group, but D and I were the most advanced practitioners in the room. I prefer to practice with people more experienced than I am… then I feel like I can slack if I want to.)

Friday 5:30pm: Aunty had mentioned today was a holiday (but a minor one, apparently, since no one was closing up shop). So when we arrived for dinner, the first thing she brought out was not piping hot chapatis, but a jasmine garland which she pinned in my hair (the customary holiday hair accessory).

Saturday 10am: Off to Gokulam and a going-away brunch at Anohki Gardens for our neighbors, Viola and Anna. Viola has been a constant source of entertainment and a veritable font of information—Shanthala calls her the BBC—during our stay. Good people.

Saturday noonish – Headed over to the Devaraja Market to pick up D’s pants at the tailor, shoot some more video and do some more shopping. D wanted to pick up some incense at a shop he’d been to back in 2006 that was run by a bunch of kids/teens. The same “kids” are still running the joint today:

left: April 2006 / right: January 2010

I bought some essential oils from them and we had a leisurely afternoon sipping chai and sniff-testing all the different scents they sell. Imran (the oldest) said their oils last all day because they’re not diluted with alcohol. He was being modest. Even after Sunday morning’s class, I still smelled like a perfume counter.

Sunday – Lazy. Like this (but with Gandhis instead of Hamiltons… and Laddu standing in for cupcakes).


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