chitta chatter

reaching versus receiving

Posted in being human, winning by Nancy on May 29, 2016

A friend of mine just discovered the movie The Secret and is now doing her best I Dream of Jeannie to manifest some financial security. I hope it works. But I’m guessing her success is going to come from somewhere else.

The trouble I have with the whole manifesting business is it’s too much like online dating. Right off the bat, you’ve got a checklist of all the things you want, the must-haves and the deal-breakers. But in defining those things (as in defining anything), you’ve just restricted your possibilities.

On the other hand, when you keep your eyes and mind open to all the opportunities, there’s no manifesting required. Just walk through the open door, as D would say… take the gift that’s falling into your hands.

The best part is it’s usually miles better than anything you could’ve imagined for yourself.

(Here’s a study that shows how luck is really just awareness of what’s right under your nose.)



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