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the crossroads

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It’s always been a metaphor for some irrevocable life choice. Robert Johnson was said to have found the devil there, ready to play let’s make a deal. But it was Led Zeppelin who — after picking Johnson’s purportedly ill-gotten musical bones clean —  offered an escape hatch with Robert Plant’s assertion that, “There’s still time to change the road you’re on.” Which, I guess, means that you can either backtrack and choose door #2, or (to reference yet another Robert… wth?) you take the road that’s so much less traveled it’s not even a road yet. That last option certainly seems the riskiest. Who knows what’s out there? Scorpions. Sasquatch. Revelation. Annihilation. But one thing’s for sure…

“Traveling old roads in new shoes won’t change your destination.”
— @underchilde



For my mom:

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mom-piano_performanceThank you…
for the music,
and the words,
for the ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics,
violin and piano lessons,
and the life lessons,
for the constant encouragement,
and complete lack of pretense,
for the “interesting” relatives,
and the colorful expressions,
for homemade Halloween costumes,
the Christmas cookies and chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs,
for your coveted apple crisp recipe,
and for letting me learn that there is, in fact, such a thing as too much cake,
for summers at the pool,
and a year at the beach,
for taking us to watch rockets launch,
and for leaving Virginia for L.A.,
for letting us be kids,
and letting us grow up,
for being sentimental,
for being humble,
for being a warrior,
for this life,
but most of all for the music.

We’ll miss you.

happy birthday, bob

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more dharma gypsys

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Some vids for you:

We shot the footage for Krishna Govinda in Mysore (and by “we” I mean mostly D), then Tommy Stewart (percussion) stitched it all together:

Check out the guy that wanders into my frame and sits down next to D around 2:22… dude didn’t even ask for “currency!” He was probably just curious as to what this white boy was doing playing guitar on the street in his pajamas.

Tommy shot this one himself during recording sessions at the Karma Kitchen in Hollywood:

Dharma Gypsys are:
Katrina Chester (TSO, Luxx, Janis Joplin in “Love, Janis”) – vocals
Tommy Stewart (Godsmack, Fuel, LoPro, Everclear) – percussion
Robert Gamboa (The Deep Eynde) – bass: tracks 1, 3, 4, 9 & 10
Scotland Stephenson (ALSO) – percussion: tracks 8 & 11
Danielle Mays (VAST, Watts Ensemble, Trulio Disgracias) – flute, bassoon: tracks 1 & 5
DJ Soul Junkie – turntables: tracks 6 & 8
Daniel Overberger (The Deep Eynde) – guitar, vocals, bass, shruti box, Rhodes

Dharma Gypsys’ Volume One: Music for Yoga, Meditation and General House Cleaning is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and pretty much anywhere you download music.

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Well, two of them are anyway. Read Nancy Alder’s review on Elephant Journal here and Brian’s review on Daily Cup of Yoga here.

dharma gypsys

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Shameless plug alert:

Daniel’s new album just went up on CDBaby and iTunes* today!  It’s like Zeppelin and Floyd had a baby whose nanny was Krishna Das. Bit of a departure from the death rock of days of yore. Check it:

* Oh, and P.S. — WTF is with the Apple overlords forcing Safari down our throats by making it the only way to access the iTunes store? Well, guess who just lost a sale to CDBaby. Even if I didn’t mind using Safari (which I do), I’d have to upgrade my system software for another $50 or more.

Don’t even act like it’s the first time you’ve pulled this shit, Apple. I’m getting a little tired of all the extortion. I’ve been happily loyal to you for over 12 years, but you’re losing me. Fast.