chitta chatter

For my mom:

Posted in being human, music, Uncategorized by Nancy on May 12, 2013

mom-piano_performanceThank you…
for the music,
and the words,
for the ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics,
violin and piano lessons,
and the life lessons,
for the constant encouragement,
and complete lack of pretense,
for the “interesting” relatives,
and the colorful expressions,
for homemade Halloween costumes,
the Christmas cookies and chocolate peanut butter Easter eggs,
for your coveted apple crisp recipe,
and for letting me learn that there is, in fact, such a thing as too much cake,
for summers at the pool,
and a year at the beach,
for taking us to watch rockets launch,
and for leaving Virginia for L.A.,
for letting us be kids,
and letting us grow up,
for being sentimental,
for being humble,
for being a warrior,
for this life,
but most of all for the music.

We’ll miss you.